There are two counting rooms close to the beam areas from which the measurements can be operated. Hut 21/22 (pictures) for the beam areas T21 and T22 and hut 24 (pictures) for the areas T24 and T24/1. The beam and interlock as well as the magnet and shutter controls are located inside the respective hut including status displays for the accelerator and beam counters.

The huts are equipped with Ethernet and power sockets. Further, there is rack space and crates available to install user equipment and data acquisition. There are patch panels for HV, Ethernet and optical fibers going directly into the beam areas. Several signals from the accelerator are available via a patch panel including e.g. the cycle trigger and bunch trigger. All huts are equipped with safes to store radioactive sources. In hut 21/22, there is in addition a lockable freezer for radiated sensors.

The MEAPS5 printer is located in hut 21/22 and accessible from the DESY guest network and eduroam WiFi is available in all huts. The access to hut 21/22 and 24 is protected via the DESY Access Handling System (DACHS).

In addition to the counting room huts, there is close-by the user hut 23 (pictures) where persons not directly working on the controls can work and have meetings. Also here, power and Ethernet plugs as well as eduroam WiFi are available.


Beam Areas and Huts in Hall 2 (click for larger, labeled version)

Gallery for Hut 21/22

Gallery for Hut 24



Gallery for User Hut 23