Measures in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine

Measures taken by DESY in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The following measures apply until further notice:

To all Russian and Belarusian institutions (research institutes and companies):

  • Existing cooperations will be suspended.
  • New collaborations will not be established.
  • DESY employees cannot be members of committees of Russian and Belarusian institutions.
  • Sanction decisions by Germany, the EU and the United Nations are strictly observed.

To all employees or members of Russian and Belarusian institutions (regardless of nationality):

  • No new contract will be concluded.
  • Guests, e.g. for user operation at DESY facilities, will not be invited and the invitation of guests, who have not yet arrived, will be suspended.
  • No employees or members of Russian and Belarusian institutions can be members of DESY committees.
  • Access to DESY IT infrastructure and data on DESY computing systems is suspended.

For publications at DESY:

  • New publications with participation of Russian and Belarusian institutions will be suspended.
  • Publications with participation of Russian and Belarusian institutes that have not yet been published will be suspended.
  • Publications in Russian or Belarusian journals cannot be approved.

Concerning conferences and events (both physical, hybrid and online):

  • Conference speakers from Russian or Belarusian institutes will be suspended from events organized by DESY and will not be invited again until further notice.
  • DESY employees will not participate in conferences co-organized by Russian or Belarusian institutes or where speakers from Russian or Belarussian Institutes are announced.

Hamburg and Zeuthen, March 15th, 2022
The DESY Directorate

Ukraine war -Statement of the research centre