DESY und KEK put cooperation on a new basis

DESY Director Helmut Dosch shows the just signed cooperation agreement with KEK (photo: DESY/M. Mayer).

KEK Director Masanori Yamauchi signed the cooperation agreement for the Japanese research centre (photo: KEK).

Traditionally, DESY and the KEK accelerator centre in Tsukuba, Japan, have enjoyed close and intensive cooperation. Since 2000, this cooperation has been based on a framework agreement, and the directorates and scientific heads of both research centres meet regularly to exchange information on existing and future projects and to develop new ideas. To meet the changing focus of research over time, the heads of DESY and KEK have now signed a new framework agreement for their cooperation at their most recent of the regular meetings, putting their collaboration on a new basis.

DESY and KEK have many overlapping research topics: DESY´s central collaboration in the Belle II experiment at KEK and the joint work on the ATLAS detector at the LHC are just two examples of the cooperation in particle physics. Both centres are also operating photon sources and are very active in the development of future accelerators.

Scientific computing, one of the major challenges of the next research years, is now to be another focus of the joint efforts, as well as the development of new high-performance detectors and research into superconducting and compact particle accelerators. “We are pleased that we were able to exchange ideas with our friends and partners from the KEK laboratory in Tsukuba, at least in this virtual format. In this way, we were able to discuss important joint impulses for further close cooperation between our two research centres, and have agreed, for example, on deeper collaboration in the field of superconducting accelerator technology,” says DESY Director Helmut Dosch.