DESY welcomes summer students from 25 nations

Eight-week introduction into research for participants from all over the world

This year, the 'Summies' were given a virtual welcome (Photo: DESY, G. Maier).

Almost 80 students of physics and related natural sciences started in July their journey through top-class research and practical experience in science at DESY. The majority of the students are participating remotely using online tools due to the pandemic conditions, while seven students have been integrated into the research groups on-site in Hamburg.

The DESY summer student program has been running for several decades and is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The "Summies" are integrated into the research group and gain invaluable experience living the life of a scientist. Students are engaged in several fields of research including particle physics, photon science, accelerator technology, computing and astro-particle physics. It is the first time that most of the program is in an online format, creating a new experience for everyone involved.

The program is supplemented by a lecture series introducing the main areas of research carried out at DESY. Due to the online nature of this years event, the lecture program is open to anyone and we consequently have one of the largest attendances on record with several hundred participants attending from around the globe.

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