First-class DESY trainees

DESY apprentices Raphaela Renner and Lena Anton top of the class in their field of training

Raphaela Renner and Lena Anton are amongst Hamburg's best trainees . Image: private

DESY people have known for a long time that DESY provides excellent training company, and we often get official recognition of this quality. Two DESY apprentices – Raphaela Renner and Lena Anton in the fields of electronics for devices and systems and industrial mechanics – were honoured by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce as best trainees in their fielsds. DESY was also once again honoured for outstanding achievements in dual training.

Lena Anton, a newly qualified industrial mechanic, has known DESY since her school days when she came here to dovacuum experiments in the school laboratory. "I have always been enthusiastic about science and am proud to support fundamental research and represent DESY," she says. After her apprenticeship she joined the MSL (Superconducting Accelerator Technology) group for superconducting accelerator technology, is in charge of quality testing there and would like to train young people herself soon. Her plan is to "stay at DESY for the long term and support it like I was supported during my training."

Raphaela Renner, an electronics technician for devices and systems, would also like to stay at the research centre in the long term. "I first came to DESY at the Open Day in 2015 and found it totally exciting," she says. "Already then I thought that it would definitely be an interesting place to work." She has been working in the Electronics Service Centre on campus since completing her training.

"Our warmest congratulations to the award winners on their success!" says Christian Harringa, DESY's Administrative Director. "With our 13 different apprenticeships in different areas of our research centre, we are happy to offer many young people an exciting start to their careers - and some also a perspective for life. I am pleased that, thanks to the great commitment of our trainees and their instructors, an essential part of DESY's HR development is once again being recognised."