First Diversity Day at DESY

DESY celebrates its first Diversity Day on 31 May. The research centre is thus part of a nationwide day of action launched by the “Charta der Vielfalt” association. Especially in recent times, DESY has strengthened its commitment to equal opportunities and diversity: For example, the research centre has committed itself to these goals in its foundation statutes and has joined the Diversity Charter. For DESY, diversity in the working world means an appreciative and conscious approach to difference and individuality along diversity dimensions such as gender, origin, age, sexual orientation and physical and mental abilities.

Diversity and inclusion are important to many people at DESY. For example, Research Director Beate Heinemann says: “We cannot afford to exclude anyone. Because only a great diversity of people with different backgrounds and cultures provides us with the balance of voices and diversity of thought to solve big problems of our time.” Jochen Barnstedt, Head of Recruitment, adds: “Diversity is like a good meal - the more diverse the ingredients, the tastier the overall menu. One of DESY´s key success factors is the result of decades of living diversity in an international scientific context.”

The first Diversity Day at DESY is characterised by a variety of events: from the raising of the rainbow flag and a diversity lunch in Zeuthen to online discussions and a film streaming in hybrid format.

Further Information
DESY activities in the spirit of the Diversity Charter