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Axel Lindner

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Axel Lindner got his Ph.D. from the Dortmund University in 1992 in experimental particle physics. He worked on calorimeters and data analyses within the ARGUS collaboration and later joined the H1 experiment at HERA for detector development. In 1993 Axel Lindner changed to astroparticle physics participating in the HEGRA experiment, where he developed a new method to determine the composition of cosmic rays. From 1999 to 2001 he worked on project management and funding for the German ministry of education and research. Since 2002 he is heading the DESY directorate’s office and started to work on particle physics again since 2007. Axel Lindner guided the ALPS I experiment and is spokesperson of the ALPS II experiment presently under construction. Since 2007 Axel Lindner is working on experiments searching for axions, axion-like particles and other Weakly Interacting Slim Particles (WISPs). He is co-author of publications on new methods to search for WISPs, was spokesperson of the ALPS I experiment at DESY, which has been the most sensitive laboratory-based WISP-experiment up to 2014, and is now heading the ALPS II collaboration. He is also involved in new experimental proposal to search for solar (IAXO) and dark matter axions (MADMAX). Axel Lindner is also among the founders of the “Patras” workshop series on Axions and WIMPs.


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