Rules for the DESY II Test Beam Facility

(updated 05.Aug.2022)


Specific Rules at the DESY II Test Beam Facility

(updated 05.Aug.2022)




General DESY Rules

(updated 05.Aug.2022)




(updated 05.Aug.2022)

Signature List
All users need to fill and sign this form beforehand and it has to be provided to the test beam coordinators:



(updated 12.Jul.2022)

Information on the Use of the DESY Hostel

  • It is not possible for beam line users to spend the mandatory Corona quarantine in the DESY hostel

Travelling and Local Information

Please note:
FFP2 masks are mandatory in all public transport and taxis.

Risk Areas designated by the Robert Koch Institute
(external link, page in German only - English version in archive on the page)



Whom to Contact

For (Coronavirus related) test beam specific questions including travellling, self-isolation and hostel rules, please write first to:

For questions concerning the Coronavirus/COVID-19 rules and management at DESY in general send an e-mail to:
(take the test beam coordinators: in CC if applicable, so we can support the handling of your inquiry and prevent misunderstandings).


If you have stayed on a DESY campus and have any symptoms typical of Corona, contact and the immediately.


Files and Documents:

DESY Test Beam COVID 19 Leitfaden (update 05.Aug.2022)
DESY Test Beam COVID 19 Guidelines (update 05.Aug.2022)
Signature List (update 05.Aug.2022)
Icon DESY Leitfaden (548KB)
Leitfaden zum Umgang mit COVID-19 bei DESY
Allgemeine Sicherheitsregeln bei DESY im Umgang mit dem Coronavirus zum Download als PDF-Datei
Icon DESY Guidelines (500KB)
Information on DESY´s handling of COVID-19
General safety rules at DESY for handling the corona virus for download as PDF file