Measurement Gases

If you want to use measurement gases at the test beam, please contact the test beam coordinators four or more weeks in advance. If you need to use flammable gases or mixtures or other hazardeous materials please do so even earlier, since this needs special preparations and precautions.

Via the group MEA6 at DESY, we can supply all kinds of gases and pre-mixed gas mixtures for your setup. Nitrogen lines are available in all areas. The nitrogen lines have a 6 mm Swagelok connection. The flexible shoses for the measurement gas have 12 mm Swagelok connectors.

Gas bottles have to be kept either outside in the gas stand at the noth side of the test beam hall or in the cabinets in area T22 or T24, which has a permanent gas line conection to area T24/1. An exhaust system is available in all beam areas. For flammable gases, a mobile warning system with snifffers is available for use in the areas that can be connected to the rack insert in hut 24.


Left: mobile gas warning system
Right: gas cabinet in area T24

Inside of the gas bottle cabinet

Gas stand at the north gate of the test beam hall

Rack insert of the gas safety system in hut 24