Elisabetta Gallo

Elisabetta Gallo - Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY

Elisabetta Gallo

CMS experiment at LHC

Elisabetta Gallo is professor at the University of Hamburg and leading scientist at DESY, working in the field of particle physics. She has worked at the LEP storage ring, at the HERA ep collider at DESY and now she is a member of the CMS Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider. Presently she and her group are working on standard model measurements at CMS, in particular measurements on  Higgs boson production. Her group also participates in the detector operations and in the construction of the future tracking detectors for the upgraded program of CMS.


Academic career

Since 2015 Leading Scientist at DESY and Professor at the University of Hamburg
2007-2014 Senior Research at INFN Florence, Italy
1995-2006 Researcher of the Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Florence, Italy
1992-1995 Research Associate at Imperial College, London
1992            PhD in Physics, University of Florence
1989            Degree in Physics, University of Florence



Since 2015 Member of the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg
2006-2014 Member of several italian and international scientific committees
2006-2007 Spokesperson of the ZEUS Collaboration at DESY
Since 2007 European Physical Society