Joachim Mnich

Joachim Mnich - Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY

Joachim Mnich

Particle Physics

Professor Joachim Mnich is Lead Scientist at DESY. He worked on experiments at the PETRA storage ring as a doctoral student bevore moving to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland for several years. He joined DESY as Lead Scientist in 2005. Here he headed the CMS group and coordinated the EUDET pogramme before being appointed Research Director for Particle and Astroparticle Physics in 2009.
Joachim Mnich held this post for twelve years. He has been Director of Research and Computing at CERN since 1 January 2021.
Joachim Mnich's scientific focus is on the study of elementary particles and their properties, the planning and development of new detectors, physics analysis at the LHC, and the preparation of the new electron-positron linear collider.

Academic career

since 2021 Director for Research and Computing at CERN
2009-2020 Director in charge particle and astroparticle physics at DESY 
2008-2009 Deputy Director in charge particle and astroparticle physics at DESY 
2006-2007 Head of the DESY CMS group
2006-2009 Coordinator of the EU project EUDET
since 2005 Lead Scientist at DESY, professor of physics at Universität Hamburg
2000-2004 Professor at RWTH Aachen
1995-1999 CERN staff
1995 Habilitation at RWTH Aachen
1988-1999 Research stay at CERN to work on the L3 experiment at LEP
1987 PhD at RWTH Aachen on the MARK J-Experiment at DESY
1979-1984 Study of physics at RWTH Aachen
1977-1983 Study of electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen



Joachim Mnich is a member of numerous national and international
expert and advisory bodies.