DESY fellowships in experimental particle physics

IMG: DESY/Heiner Müller-Elsner

Experimental particle physics

Fellows in experimental particle physics are invited to participate in the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS, the BELLE II experiment at KEK, the ALPS II experiment at DESY, the preparation of experiments at the future International Linear Collider ILC and in the R&D programme for particle detectors. Research groups are also active in accelerator R&D, for example for the ILC, and in plasma-wakefield acceleration. Experimental research for detectors and their upgrades mainly take place in Hamburg, where - besides laboratories and other infrastructure - a test beam is operated. Experimental activity is supported by analysis, using the big local computing resources like the Tier-2-centre and the National Analysis Facility.

Theoretical particle physics

Qualified fellows are invited to participate in theoretical particle physics research within the DESY theory groups. At DESY in Hamburg, active areas of research include collider phenomenology (in particular Higgs physics, supersymmetry, flavor physics, QCD), physics beyond the Standard Model, particle cosmology, axions and other nonstandard light particles, string theory and mathematical physics (in particular gauge-string dualities, conformal field theories and integrable models).
At DESY in Zeuthen, the theoretical research includes lattice gauge theory, perturbative quantum field theory and physics at HERA, LHC and the projected ILC.