Volker Schomerus

Volker Schomerus - Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY

Volker Schomerus

String and quantum field theory

Volker Schomerus is a leading scientist at DESY and a professor for Mathematical Physics at Hamburg University. His main research fields are String- and Quantum Field Theory at the interface between Particle Physics and Mathematics. It is one of the key goals of String Theory to develop novel concepts for a unified description of space, time and matter. In contrast to Einstein's theory of general relativity – which is based on a geometric model of our space-time – a fundamental theory should remain valid all the way down to the smallest distances and in the very early universe. Stringtheorie realizes this objective through a quantization of space-time geometry. The faszinating interrelation between quantum theory and geometry also works the other way, namely to solve traditional problems of quantum physics, such as e.g. the computation of cross sections in particle collisions, through geometric techniques. Mathematical Physics is a highly interdisciplinary research area that relies on the interaction of several disciplines in Mathematics, Particle and Statistical Physics.

Academic career

Since 2013 Coordinator of the European RTN GATIS
Since 2008 Professor at Hamburg University
2007-2010 Head of DESY Theory Group
Since 2005 Leading scientist at DESY Hamburg, Germany
2002-2005 Senior scientist at SPHT Saclay, France
2000-2002 Researcher at MPI Potsdam
1995-2000 Assistent at Hamburg University
1999 Habilitation (Hamburg University)
1993-1995 Research associate at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
1993 Visiting researcher at ESI, Vienna, Austria
1993 PhD thesis (Hamburg University); Quantum symmetry in quantum theory
Prof. G. Mack, advisor