Third party funded projects


Ongoing projects (available in German only)


Verbesserung von SRF-Resonatoren durch Oberflächenbehandlung einschließlich mechanischer Politur und thermischer Behandlung mit Stickstoff   01.07.2015 30.06.2018


Higgs+New Physics (PPP Ägypten) 01.01.2015 31.05.2017
Hoch-granulares Szintillator-Kalorimeter mit Photosensoren 01.01.2016 31.12.2017
Programme des Projektbezogenen Personenaustauschs: Taiwan 01.01.2015 31.12.2017


Exacte Ergebnisse in Eichtheorien (T; E.Pomoni) 01.01.2015 31.12.2020
Masse-Spektrum-Symmetrie: Teilchenphysik in der Ära des Large Hadron Colliders 01.01.2012 31.12.2018
Mathematics inspired by string theory and QFT 01.01.2011 31.12.2020
SFB 676: Particles, Strings and the Early Universe 01.12.2011 30.08.2018


AIDA-2020: Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators 01.05.2015 30.04.2019
ASTERICS: Astronomy ESFRI and Research Infrastructure Cluster 01.05.2015 30.04.2019
AXSIS: Frontiers in Attosecond X-ray Science: Imaging and Spectroscopy 01.01.2014 31.12.2019
COST NETWORK: The String Theory Universe 01.03.2013 28.02.2017
E-JADE: Europe-Japan Accelerator Development Exchange  01.01.2015 31.12.2018
EUCALL: European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (SIMEX-WP4) 01.10.2015 30.09.2018
EuCARD 2: Enhanced European Coordination for Accelerator Research and Development 01.05.2013 30.04.2017
EuPRAXIA: European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications (M/FH) 01.11.2015 01.11.2019
Higgs precision era at the LHC 01.04.2014 31.03.2018
Higgs Tools: The Higgs Quest-exploring electroweak symmetry breaking at the LHC 01.01.2014 31.12.2017
HiggspT: Differential Higgs distributions as a unique window to New Physics at the LHC (K.Tackmann) 01.04.2016 31.03.2020
HNSciClouds: Helix Nebula Science Cloud 01.01.2016 31.12.2018
INDIGO-DataCloud: INtegrating Distributed data Infrastructures for Global ExplOitation 01.04.2015 30.09.2017
JENNIFER: Japan and Europe Network for Neutrino and Intensity Frontier Experimental Research 01.04.2015 31.03.2019
NEUCOS: Neutrinos and the origin of the cosmic rays 01.09.2015 31.08.2020
NewAve: New avenues towards solving the dark matter puzzle (K.Schmidt-Hoberg)  01.06.2015 31.05.2020
STRINGFLATION: Inflation in String Theory - Connecting Quantum Gravity with Observations (A.Westphal) 01.10.2015 30.09.2020


Approaching the Fundaments of Physics using Top Quarks at LHC 01.07.2012 30.06.2017
Helmholtz ERC Recognition Award for the Horizon 2020 ERC Starting Grant Call in 2014 01.01.2016 31.12.2017
Helmholtz ERC Recognition Award for the Horizon 2020 ERC Starting Grant Call in 2016 01.05.2017 30.04.2019
Measurements of Gamma Rays and Charged Cosmic Rays in the Tunka-Valley in Siberia by Innovative New Technologies 01.01.2015 31.12.2020
Novel Technologies for the New ATLAS Silicon Micro-Strip Detector at the High Luminosity LHC 01.01.2015 31.12.2017
PD-302: Search for new elementary particles at the high-energy frontier with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Katharina Behr) 01.06.2016 30.05.2019
Plasma wakefield acceleration of highly relativistic electrons with FLASH 01.07.2013 30.06.2018
Ultimate precision measurements and searches for new physics using top quarks at the CMS experiment at the LHC 01.04.2014 31.03.2019
VH-NG-1103: Search for dark matter and other new physics with the Higgs boson at the ATLAS experiment (Dr. Sarah Heim) 01.08.2016 31.07.2021
VH-NG-1204: Opening a New Window on Physics Beyond the Standard Model Using the Cherenkov Telescope Array 01.01.2017 31.12.2022