Theoretical particle physics at DESY
Foto: Heiner Müller-Elsner/DESY

Without theoretical foundation, the best experiment would be worthless. Only by working closely together can theorists and experimentalists pierce the mysteries of nature and work out a comprehensive theory of all particles and forces. Theorists at DESY explore the Standard Model of particle physics, which very successfully describes the fundamental building blocks of our world and the forces acting between them. Nevertheless, it leaves essential questions unanswered. Where does the mass come from? What is dark matter made of? What happened right after the big bang? Are there any extra dimensions? The DESY theorists investigate various possibilities to extend the Standard Model and embed it within a comprehensive theory that provides answers to these questions.

In addition, the theorists at DESY-Zeuthen perform research in frame of the John von Neumann Institute Computing NIC on quantum filed theories formulated on space-time lattices aimed at solving problems in elementary particle physics.


Gruppenleiter (Vertreter)


Theorie in Hamburg

Christophe Grojean -3148
(Volker Schomerus -2419)

Guerrero, Cristina -3590 
Henning, Inna -1493 
Herrmann, Julia -2413

    • Theorie/Cosmo

Geraldine Servant -1484


    • Theorie/Pheno

Georg Weiglein -2523


    • Theorie/String

Volker Schomerus -2419


Zeuthen Particle Physics Theory (ZPPT)

Stefan Schaefer (group speaker) -7383

Christiane John -7507
Fax: -7419

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