DESY welcomes more than 100 summer students

Seven-week programme with participants from over 25 nations

91 summer students will study at DESY's Hamburg site, and 16 at the Zeuthen site. Credit: DESY, Marta Mayer

Over the next seven weeks, more than 100 students will gain practical experience in research at the DESY sites in Hamburg and Zeuthen. This year's summer school brings together participants from more than 25 countries. The junior researcher programme is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

The “Summies” will be integrated into the practical work within the research groups of the center, thus gaining an intensive insight into everyday scientific life. In addition, the nearly 50 female students and about 60 male students are taught the experimental and theoretical basics of accelerator, X-ray, particle and astroparticle physics in an extensive lecture program.

However, the DESY Summer School is not only popular because of the practical experience it offers in real research projects, but also because of its internationality. “The exchange between students is an important factor,” says co-organiser Olaf Behnke. “The mix of cultures and nationalities creates an inspiring climate that is also typical for many of our research collaborations - science connects.”

The DESY Summer School is aimed at students of physics and related natural sciences who have studied for at least three years. The program regularly registers many more applicants than places can be offered. The application deadline is always in January of the same year.

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