H1 and ZEUS experiments


The inner part of the H1 detector at the HERA storage ring.
Foto: Peter Ginter, Lohmar

The H1 and ZEUS experiments

The H1 and ZEUS experiments collected data from the collisions of high energy electrons and protons using general-purpose detectors which, although measuring the same physical processes, were very different constructions. Highlights of the physics programme have been a precise mapping of the structure of the proton over a wide kinematic range, demonstration of the unification of the electromagnetic and weak forces, determination of the strong coupling constant, as well as various other phenomena investigating the hadronic final state and searches for new particles and physics signatures. The complementarity of the two detectors has allowed the collaborations to combine measurements and gain extra precision beyond a simple doubling of statistics. Both Collaborations continue to publish world-leading papers, particularly those using data combined from both experiments.